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Group 24-Pack — Bag Sticker

Group 24-Pack — Bag Sticker

$75.00 $120.00

The Fill it Forward Bag Sticker — is designed for the reusable you already own.

With the Fill it Forward app you can help fund giving projects, track your environmental impact, join groups, and stay hydrated - every time you reuse.

How it works:

  1. Wrap the tag on the handle of your reusable bag
  2. Download the Fill it Forward app for free
  3. Scan the tag every time you reuse

Our bag tags are machine washable and made in the USA.


You can feel good about Fill it Forward

When you purchase a Fill it Forward product you are supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals and a certified B Corporation. You can also feel good about our products – they come with our Friends For Life Guarantee.